Specific instance of MHCCP

In January 2014 the German NCP received a request for a review from a trade union (Metro Habib Cash & Carry, MHCCP) alleging that a subsidiary of a German retail company, had breached the employment and industrial relations provisions of the Guidelines in Pakistan. More specifically, the trade union alleged that employment contracts were breached in terms of remuneration and working hours, that trade union members were treated in an unfair way and threatened because of their union activities, and that hygiene standards and safety provisions were not observed. According to the trade union, the human resources department of the company in Pakistan and the management did not react to the employees' complaints.

In addition to requesting intervention by the German NCP, the trade union had also approached the company via UNI Global Union. The parent company therefore undertook to address the problems raised by the trade union in its subsidiary in Pakistan and worked towards an in-house solution. This co-operation was based on a joint statement between the company and UNI Global Union to conduct a dialogue and find a joint solution. Following two workshops and a dialogue session, the parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement and the employees that had been dismissed legally were in the meantime rehired.

On 4 April 2014, the trade union notified the NCP that it desired to terminate the specific instances since the parties had reached an agreement. The NCP issued a final statement and subsequently concluded the specific instance.