How to submit a specific instance?

Submit a specific instance

The HNCP specific instance procedure can be initiated at the Hungarian National Contact Point relating to the activity of a multinational enterprise in Hungary or a Hungarian multinational enterprise abroad because of alleged breaching of one or more provisions of the Guidelines.

Complainant can be anyone with a specific interest in the case, e.g. communities, trade unions, civil organisations or natural persons affected by the issue under criticism. It is not required that the complainant is directly endangered however he/she/it must have a specified interest in the case, and must be able to supply detailed information and present the facts about it.

The specific instance case is to be filed in the country where the alleged breaching of the Guidelines emerged. It is also possible to file the case with the NCP of the country from where the company is originated, especially when the alleged breaching of the Guidelines occurs in a non-adhering country. If the complaint concerns several adhering countries or the complaint is submitted to several NCPs, the NCPs should co-operate and agree on the lead NCP.

The complaint shall be filed with the HNCP in writing and the following information is required:

  • name, address and e-mail address of the complainant;
  • name and address of the multinational enterprise alleged to have breached the Guidelines;
  • place, time and date, description of the alleged breaching of the Guidelines and presentation of prior attempts to bring breaching of the Guidelines to an end;
  • specification of Guidelines provisions justifying the specific instance case by the complainant;
  • description of complainant’s expectations concerning changes or goals to be achieved

For further information, please click on HNCP’s Specific Instance Procedure policy guide:

HNCP’s Specific Instance Procedure policy guide (pdf)