OECD NCP's Eastern European network

The inaugural meeting of the Central and Eastern European Regional Network (CEE Regional Network) of the OECD National Contact Points took place as a side event of the OECD Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct (WPRBC) meeting in November, 2019. Establishment of the CEE Regional Network was prompted by the promotion of closer regional co-operation and by the planning of related tasks as the exchange of expertise and region specific knowledge amongst the NCPs operating within the region is one of the assurances for effective Responsible Business Conduct.

In order to support closer co-operation between Central and Eastern European NCPs, the Hungarian National Contact Point provided an opportunity – through a workshop – for the exchange of expertise within the framework of the RBC-CSR Conference held in January, 2020. Main tasks of the workshop were: exchange of national experiences on handling specific instances, dissemination of different specific instance procedure policies and the challenges in relation to the implementation of the Guidelines - Due Diligence Guidance on RBC in practice. In addition to the experienced NCPs participating in the conference, such as Germany, France, the Netherlands and Denmark, national contact points of Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania also participated as representatives of the region.

For further information on the agenda of the conference and workshop, please click here.